Mission, Vision, and Values

MISSIONSchool Garden Build Day!
Mill City Grows fosters food justice by improving physical health, economic independence and environmental sustainability in Lowell through increased access to land, locally-grown food and education.

We envision that Lowell will be known for its innovative approach to food production and food justice where residents are engaged actors in creating a food secure community that promotes the ability to grow, consume, and distribute healthy, locally produced food on land that is seen as a vital resource for the community and is protected for food production.

We believe that healthy, local, and culturally appropriate food is a necessity and a right for all residents regardless of neighborhood, race/ethnicity, or socioeconomic status.
Land We believe that community engagement, neighborhood health, and environmental justice are strengthened when residents have equal access to land that is preserved for growing food.
Agriculture We believe that urban agriculture is critical model for food production that can create substantial production of food as well as reduce travel of food to reduce our carbon footprint.
Education We believe that education is an essential right and source of empowerment and that it does not begin and end in the classroom.
Partnership We believe that the community of Lowell’s success hinges on our ability to collaborate and partner with residents, organizations, businesses, and government; strengthening our efforts and capacity for a food secure Lowell.
Resourcefulness We believe in the ability to recognize and capitalize on all local resources, including physical, cultural and social.