Build-A-Garden Program


Pawtucket Congregational Church members and neighbors and the UMass Lowell Rugby team fill 10 new beds with compost.

In the spring of 2014, Mill City Grows installed 5 new gardens with community partners across the city of Lowell, including Lowell Housing Authority at North Common Village, the Stoklosa Middle School, the Robinson & McAuliffe Schools, the Pawtucket Congregational Church, and the United Teen Equality Center, Inc (UTEC). These raised bed gardens, tended by youth, students, residents and community members, produced hundreds of pounds of healthy and affordable vegetables that benefited the communities around them.


Over 500 students at the Stoklosa Middle School participated in building their school garden!

The 2014 Build-A-Garden program engaged these five organizations in on-site food production that integrated into their food-based programming. Mill City Grows’ aim is to pollinate the community with safe spaces to grow food in our post industrial city by increasing residents’ access to and awareness of local food production, food justice, and food security.  The Build-A-Garden Program empowers residents and organizations to team up with MCG to transform physical spaces and create healthier neighborhoods through food production, community engagement, and leadership.


Resident volunteers and Youth Build students constructed raised beds at LHA North Common Village.