CW Morey Elementary School

Students, teachers, and Mill City Grows staff fill the Morey School’s garden beds!

130 Pine Street

Date of Completion: Spring 2017
Number of Beds: 5
Key Funders: Aramark, Whole Kids Foundation, Lowe’s Toolbox for Education Program
Key Project Partners: YouthBuild, 21st Century Afterschool

Garden Programming: Garden & Food Afterschool programs; in-school planting, harvesting, and tasting events

About the Project: The Morey School garden was borne out of incredible enthusiasm, unstoppable commitment, and a wonderfully collaborative team of teachers, administrators, and facilities staff. The garden is used daily for lessons in grades preK-4, and in its first season grew over 150 pounds of food! Every student in the school is able to eat soup and salad from their garden. “This is what education should be,” said a third grade teacher at the school. We agree!