Joseph McAvinnue Elementary School

The first harvest at Shelbie’s Garden, June 2017!

Shelbie’s Seeds of Promise Community Garden at the McAvinnue School

Father Maguire Park

Date of Completion: Spring 2017
Number of Beds: 5
Key Funders: Aramark, TD Bank
Key Project Partners: YouthBuild, American Training Institute

Garden Programming: In-school planting, harvesting, and tasting events

About the Project: Shelbie’s Seeds of Promise Community Garden is dedicated to Shelbie Murphy, the daughter of 2nd grade teacher and school garden coordinator, Jackie Murphy. Shelbie had an indelible spirit and cared passionately about making the world a better place. The McAvinnue School and Mill City Grows are dedicated to ensuring that Shelbie’s vision is carried out through the garden and the students and families who grow there.

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