Community Gardens

Our citywide network of gardens enable hundreds of residents to grow their own food

What is a Community Garden?

A community garden is a space where members can come together and grow their own food. These spaces function as outdoor engagement centers that can improve people’s access to fresh food, physical activity, and connections with their neighbors.

Mill City Grows manages community gardens throughout the City of Lowell where gardeners can grow food in their own 4’x10’ plots, participate in free workshops to improve their technical garden skills, and partake in community engagement activities such as potlucks, art in the garden, and recipe exchanges.

Garden Membership

Garden membership fees are $20 annually, which includes a 4’x10′ garden bed (with soil), one key to the garden/shed, access to shared tools to be used in the garden, and free registration to all of our Gardener Training Program workshops. Mill City Grows requires that all gardeners:

  1. Live in the City of Lowell
  2. Volunteer 6 hours in the garden over the season
  3. Attend 2 mandatory meetings each season (April/May & November)

If you are interested in having a plot in one of Mill City Grows’ Community Gardens, please complete our online Community Gardener Application. You may contact us with any questions.

Our Community Gardens

North Common Community Garden

465 Fletcher Street
Acre Neighborhood | 36 Beds | Completed June 2015

This thriving community garden has been the location for our annual Harvest Festival which unites local organizations and businesses together in celebration of Lowell’s local food system. The event gives the public an ideal opportunity to tour North Common Community Garden and meet our growers in person.

Eagle Park Community Garden

66 Jewett Street
Centralville Neighborhood | 16 Beds | Completed June 2016

Eagle Park Community Garden (a.k.a. Monsignor Keenan Park) is our 6th community garden and was built in the spring of 2016 with the help of over 100 volunteers. 

Rotary Club Park Community Garden

22 Richmond Avenue
Back Central Neighborhood | 20 Beds | Completed June 2012

In 2012, Mill City Grows partnered with the City of Lowell and the Back Central Neighborhood Group to build our very first community garden, The Rotary Club Park Community Garden. This very special space has been the hub to many Gardener Training Programs, workshops, and social gatherings, and was the first site of Mill City Grows’ annual Harvest Festival celebration in September 2012.

Smith Street Community Garden

22 Smith Street
Lower Highlands Neighborhood | 42 Beds | Completed June 2013

Located in Lowell’s Lower Highlands, the Smith Street Community Garden is our third community garden and was constructed in 2013 with 22 community garden beds. In April of 2014, the site was expanded to include 42 beds, all 4’x10 in size.

West 3rd Street Community Garden

66 West 3rd Street
Centralville Neighborhood | 18 Beds | Completed June 2013

The West Third Street Community Garden is located on the corner of W. 3rd Street and Albion Street and was built simultaneously with our Smith Street Community Garden.

Dane Street Community Garden

6 Dane Street
Acre Neighborhood | 16 Beds | Completed April 2018

In spring of 2018, Mill City Grows and UMass Lowell’s Office of Sustainability partnered to complete one of our newest community gardens. Dane Street Community Garden is our second community garden in Lowell’s Acre neighborhood.

Hampshire Street Community Garden

2 Hampshire Street
Centralville Neighborhood  | 21 Beds | Completed April 2018

Located in Lowell’s Centralville neighborhood, Hampshire Street Community Garden is an expansion of our Eagle Park Community Garden and holds 21 garden plots for Lowell residents. This exciting project was made possible by the support of generous donors who raised more than $15,000 for the garden in June of 2017. 

Armory Park Community Garden

46-90 Westford Street
Lower Highlands Neighborhood  |  15 Beds  |  Completed April 2021

We are now accepting Gardener Applications for Lowell residents to join this new Community Garden! Lowell families in the Lower Highlands will now have an opportunity to grow their own fresh produce at Mill City Grows’ 8th Community Garden at Armory Park. 

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