Massachusetts Healthy Incentives Program

Mill City Grows is proud to participate in the Healthy Incentives Program (HIP) which gives families greater access to fresh food

Mill City Grows’ Mobile Market is proud to participate in the Massachusetts Healthy Incentives Program (HIP) which matches SNAP recipients’ purchases of local fruits and vegetables at farmers’ markets, farm stands, mobile markets, and CSA farm share programs. Our Mobile Market SNAP clients can instantly earn up to $40 per month for households of 1-2 people, $60 for households of 3-5, or $80 for households of 6 or more when you pay for your purchase using SNAP.

Your Mobile Market payment is debited from your EBT account on the same day you get SNAP benefits each month — you will earn the HIP incentive automatically when your Mobile Market payment is posted. The earned incentives can be used right away or saved for a future purchase at our Mobile Market or any SNAP retailer on any SNAP-eligible foods.

When shopping our Mobile Market, please ask our staff any questions about your SNAP or HIP benefits. We’re here to help!

MCG Community Gardener Spotlight


“My family would be lost without HIP,” says Nadine, who shares her fresh food with her children and has educated them on the benefits of HIP and eating local. “I refuse to get my food from any other place, other than my neighborhood farmers’ market,” she adds, and says she and her family now crave the variety of fresh vegetables they have access to.

“I hope HIP is something we can rely on year-round,” says Nadine. “My family’s health depends on it.”

MCG Community Gardener Spotlight


“I found out about HIP from my mom, Kathy. She’s a huge advocate. She tells everyone about it and how it can help you stretch your food budget, especially for families that don’t have much.” Since joining Mill City Grows’ Eagle Park Community Garden and getting connected with the HIP market in her neighborhood, Dianna has developed a strong preference for local produce.

“I definitely eat more greens from the market, and I’m willing to try new things that I wouldn’t if I didn’t have HIP.”

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