Raising Organic Opportunities Together

A hub for fresh food
and community !

Within historic Wannalancit Mills is ROOT, Mill City Grows’ 1,800 square foot, four-season community space where Lowell residents will come together to engage in our local food system, prepare delicious meals, share knowledge and food traditions, and build lasting relationships.

At the heart of ROOT (Raising Organic Opportunities Together) is its 400 square foot commercial kitchen which is currently being used to process fresh produce for our Mobile Market and prepare more than 100 weekly CSA deliveries.


This inclusive, dynamic space will welcome and engage Lowell families by:

Being the central location for our Farm to Table Family Cooking Classes, one of our most in-demand programs that engages multi generations in cooking and eating a rainbow of fresh produce

Helping expand our farm share programs through increased food preservation and storage capacity

Deepening our Food Is Medicine initiatives to ensure that our most vulnerable, food-insecure neighbors have access to the vital foods that can help protect and heal from disease and illness

Expanding food preparation and preservation workshops for our community gardeners and school partners

Providing the perfect setting for celebration and community-building

ROOT creates vast opportunities for Mill City Grows to connect Lowell residents through hands-on programs, knowledge and leadership building workshops, and the simple joy of sharing a homemade meal among neighbors.


Community Kitchen

The Richard Donahue Family

The Gathering Space


The Teaching Table

Emma and Gary Campbell
Amelia Peabody Foundation

Golden Bowl

The MFTP program administered by LEAF
Susan Mitchell and Jim Waldo
Plenus Group, Inc.

Silver Spoon

Microdesk, Inc.
Ellen Andre
Jeanne D’Arc Credit Union
Moloney Family Charitable Fund

Steel Blade

Robin & Rhys Adams
Baacke/Laput/North Family

Jocelyn Bishop and Family
Bluebird Graphic Solutions
Circle Health
The Cromwell Family

Enterprise Bank
Robert Forrant
Jack Moynihan & Carolyn Walsh

Craig Thomas and Lydia Blanchard
Trinity EMS 
Kelly Will
Jessica Wilson and Peter Moore
John Wooding and Joan Parker

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