School Gardens

Bringing kids closer to fresh, healthy, locally grown food

Launched in 2013, Mill City Grows’ School Garden Program brings gardening and nutrition education to more than 8,000 students each year through in-school, after school, and out-of-school curricula. As dynamic outdoor classrooms, school gardens encourage students to work together to seed, nurture, and grow fresh food, and experience the growing cycle of food from seed to plate. As they tend their gardens and harvest the fresh food they grow, students are encouraged to make healthy food choices and learn core life skills such as teamwork, compassion, curiosity, and love of learning.

Mill City Grows’ School Garden Network  |  New site is under construction!

Launched in spring 2020, our School Garden Network invites families, teachers, students, and community members to explore and experience seasonal gardening in their backyards, schools, and neighborhoods. All the resources on the site are recommended by our Education Team or have been formally used in our curricula. We hope this fun, interactive, website conveys our passion for growing food and knowedge-sharing!

Thanks to our School Garden Program Community Partners

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