Online Market 

Pick Up Location

Mill City Grows Headquarters
19 Hall Street
Lowell, MA 01854

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Product, Order & Pickup Details

Pickup dates occur twice a month on Thursdays and Fridays. All orders must be picked up curbside at Mill City Grows Headquarters:
19 Hall Street
Lowell MA 0185

Picking Up Orders

All orders must be picked up on the date and time you select during the checkout process. Please pick up your order at Mill City Grows Headquarters, 19 Hall Street, Lowell, MA, 01854. 

Delivery Option

We offer limited delivery to Lowell households who are homebound or under strict quarantine. Please note that we cannot make deliveries beyond the City of Lowell. Please select our Delivery Option at checkout.

Online Payment Options

We accept SNAP, HIP (Healthy Incentives Program), credit, and debit cards. Subsidized payment options are also available at checkout. Our team is dedicated to working with you on payment options to ensure you have access to our fresh food.

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