Welcome to Mill City Grows!  We are growing a healthier Lowell through creating urban food production sites all over the city and providing the tools for safe urban growing!

Save the Date for our 3rd Annual Harvest Festival- September 20th, 1-5pm!!

Block off your calendars for a day of FREE FUN!


Mill City Grows was selected as one of five of Root Cause’s 2014 Social Innovators! Mill City Grows is representing the Sustainability in Our Communities: Building Greener and Healthier Cities Track. Root Cause’s Social Innovation Forum provides a unique opportunity for innovative nonprofit organizations and social enterprises to gain visibility, expand their networks, and build capacity.


Thank you to all of our generous donors who helped us reach our Annual Appeal goal, in April of 2014 we will be expanding the Smith Street Community Garden. We couldn’t do this work without your support, THANK YOU!


Thank you for your interest in our work and please let us know if you have any questions at- info[at]millcitygrows[dot]org

Mill City Grows is fostering Food Justice in Lowell!  We work to create urban food production sites and give Lowell residents the knowledge to grow their own food or purchase locally grown food!